Mar 132006

There was recently an Op-Ed piece in the New York Times by Eyal Press regarding the availability of abortion providers in the United States. I think it makes some very important points regarding abortion. In essense, even though abortion is not illegal in most of our states, practially speaking it is very difficult to get an abortion if you are poor or have limited access to transportation. (For those of you not paying attention, South Dakota now has a legal ban on abortion.) It’s a real problem and a big issue.

I urge people to give money to hospitals and clinics that perform abortions as part of their services, like Planned Parenthood. Most anti-abortion activists aren’t just anti-abortion; they are also against gay people, sexual freedom, and the right to use contraception. I disagree with their morals, and I think their stances are bad for public health.

On a related note, I started reading The Blog That Ate Manhattan. The writer is a doctor in New York City who is also a big foodie. I would check out her two posts regarding family planning that ran recently: Doing the work that has to be done and Another so called teen pregnancy.

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