Mar 102006

The other day, I wrote that I was going to see Cloudless, a modern dance performance. My friend Kristen was one of the performers.

The performance was fascinating, weird, and wonderful. Some of the pieces continue to stay with me. I may end up going to another performance. There is so much I missed or didn’t fully appreciate. It’s hard to say which of the pieces were my favorite, since all of them had aspects that I loved.

I’ve never realized that people could communicate in the way that the modern dance communicates. What was especially surprising was understanding that each performer could have their own interpretation of what each piece meant. You aren’t just seeing a combined performance like you would in a play or musical–you are seeing a multitude of individual performers with individual messages. Another friend of mine, who doesn’t like modern dance, compared it to jazz, which she also doesn’t like. And I think she’s right about the comparison. Of course, unlike her, I also like jazz.

The Village Voice reviewed the performance. If you are on the fence about seeing the show, I would check out the review. Otherwise, see the show and be surprised by many of the pieces.

You can buy tickets online at DTW.

Special note to KW: one of the composers used extensively is Philip Glass.

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