Feb 012006

Late Sunday night, I started to get really tired. I assumed it was because I had stopped in at work. I made some dinner and went to bed at 10. On Monday, all of my joints were aching, and even though I had slept over eight hours, I was very tired. I had an important meeting at work, and dragged myself into the office. It was painful, literally, waiting for the meeting to finish. Not only was it getting harder and harder to think, but also I was having trouble sitting still and keeping my eyes open. I realized I had a fever, and that my heart kept beating faster every time I did or said anything. After the meeting, I hopped in a cab and sped home to bed.

I “slept” from 7 pm onwards on Monday. It wasn’t really sleeping as much as it was tossing and turning. The good news is that my fever broke over Monday night. The bad news is that it is Wednesday, and I am still exhausted. Writing this note alone takes effort. Yesterday, I phoned into a meeting; I’m not going to make that same mistake again today. It took too much out of me.

I hope I get over the flu soon. Everything I have seen on the web says that fatigue and malaise can last 7-10 days. I am going to call my doctor today to make sure there is nothing else I can do or should be doing.

I hate staying at home while not being able to do anything. I will miss my friend Harri’s dodo exhibit opening; I was supposed to go with my friend Dan who is in town from Chicago.

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  1. Did you recover?

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