Feb 222006

I’m a bad friend. I make a post on how I’m suffering from the flu and then don’t post for two weeks. So, first the most important news: I’m fine.

I went into work the two days after I made my last post, and the following Monday I went to the doctor’s office. He gave me a single dose of antibiotics and a prescription for hydrocodone.

The antibiotics were preventative and came in the form of a powder with banana-cherry flavor. When you have to label something as banana-cherry flavor, I think you should just give up. Clearly, your product tastes so disgusting that you cannot even get the artificial flavoring correct.

The hydrocodone was for my hacking, dry cough. I only used a couple; my cough has largely gone away at this point.

Lessons learned from the flu:

  1. Don’t get the flu
  2. If you think you are getting the flu, don’t even try to go to work
  3. Don’t bother making conference calls when you are at home with the flu
  4. A television with working reception is nice when you are sick

Thanks very much for everyone who asked how things were going!

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