Sep 172005

Samuel Adams Utopias
I went to a fundraiser for the Fountain House Gallery where Betsy volunteers there. The Fountain House Gallery is a part of Fountain House, an organization that allows people to help themselves recover from mental illness. The Gallery is a location where artists can work and sell their work. The event was a great success; Rudolph Giuliani gave the keynote address.

James and Ginny in Brooklyn Bridge Park
I went out with James, Ginny and Mike a couple of weeks ago. We went to Superfine and then walked through Brooklyn Bridge Park. James is on the left, and Ginny is on the right. In the background is the Manhattan bridge. There are a lot of plans for the park, but I like how it has a kind of rustic feel right now.

Mike in Brooklyn Bridge Park
This is a photo of Mike at the Brooklyn Bridge Park

At the Central Park Zoo
Last Sunday, I visited the Central Park Zoo with some members of the Rose family and Betsy. Rich and Lisa Rose were there with their children Zoe and Jackson. Lisa was there with two of her sisters. Rich took this picture in front of the Sea Lion pool, before using up all of the memory on my digital card with an excessively long movie. We were all able to get in for free by combining our membership cards. The Wildlife Conservation Society is one of my favorite charities. From L to R: Lisa’s sister, Lisa’s sister, Lisa with Jackson, Zoe with Me, and Betsy.

The polar bear at the Central Park Zoo
As we were wrapping up our visit at the Central Park Zoo, we saw an amazing sight: one of the polar bears had swum up to the glass and was staring out at the crowd. It is the closest I have even been to a polar bear.

John in Columbus Circle
John visited New York City a couple of weeks ago. We walked from the village up to Columbus Circle at 59th Street. The park there was recently redone with a fantastic fountain. The fountain is quite loud and drowns out the surrounding traffic. You don’t realize how loud it is until after you leave the park, and the rest of the city seems quiet.

Sam Greenfield in Columbus Circle
This is a photo of me at Columbus Circle.

Samuel Adams Utopias
Betsy and I went to The House of Brews a few months ago. I have been there with Betsy and others several times since then. In addition to the location on 46th Street that we visited, there is also a location on 51st Street. One of the beers we enjoyed was Utopias from Samuel Adams. This beer is a very strong barley wine that is served at The House of Brews as a very expensive one ounce serving. Very few bottles were made. The purple color you see in the photo above is from the flash of the camera. In regular lighting the bottle has a golden color. Utopias is a very strong beer with a very smooth taste and finish. If you don’t like both barley wine and whiskey, you probably won’t like this beer.

[Editted 2005-10-07 to add link to The House of Brews]
[Editted 2006-11-10 to remove John’s last name]

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