Sep 172005

I arrived in Seattle yesterday. I’ll be here for a week before I fly to Columbus. I’m here in Seattle for Dan and Audryn’s wedding. In Columbus, I’ll be attending the wedding of Tom and Bethany. These will be weddings #3 and #4 for this year. It’s definitely a nice reason to go see people.

My flight was delayed a bit yesterday. I was supposed to arrive in Seattle at 8:30; I ended up arriving at 1 am. First there was a scheduled delay. Then we got switched with a malfunctioning plane to Seattle so another flight wouldn’t get delayed. When they fixed the mechanical problem, the plane needed more fuel. After getting more fuel, the airline needed new paperwork. And then there were ground delays.

The flight was very nice. I had an empty seat next to me; in the seat after that was someone who I believe to be an air marshal. He stayed on the plane from the previous flight even though it was not a connecting flight, he told me that he flew every day from Seattle to Washington and New York, and he knew all of the proper exercise you could do on the plane. To top it all off, he was studying a book on written Arabic. And not just reading–he was taking notes and quizzing himself after each section. He was a very nice person; I should have asked him directly if he was an air marshal.

Seattle’s weather has been a bit unpredictable (to me). Yesterday, when I went into the city, it was in the mid-fifties. In the afternoon, it was in the seventies. Then in the evening, it was back in the high fifties. I bought a sweater.

I haven’t posted in a while, and I have some new photos uploaded. Look for more pictures later today.

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