Nov 122004

I have nothing of substance to write today, so I am just posting some photos.

Election night was a bit of a disappointment. I watched the results at Superfine with James. My horse didn’t win, even though I thought that they swapped in a good reliever in the seventh inning. Or am I mixing metaphors?

Election results at Superfine

The bartenders at Superfine are faster than the speed of light!

Bartenders at Superfine

The York Street stop on the F-line can be nice and peaceful. This photo was taken on an early Saturday night. (My camera date and time were wrong. This makes the EXIF date headers fairly unusable. I wish there were a built-in self-synchronizing time-zone aware clock in my camera.)

York Street subway station

Otto Enoteca and Pizzeria has a cool bar. It gets pretty crowded later in the week, but it is relatively quiet on Monday and Tuesday nights.

Otto Enoteca and Pizzeria's bar

Harri and Kristiina visited my neighborhood the other day. We walked around a little bit. It was a good night for a walk. Yesterday was Veteran’s Day, which is why the Empire State Building was in red, white, and blue lights.

Manhattan bridge at night

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