Nov 012004

A few weeks ago, I went to the DUMBO Arts festival with Betsy. We both went there a few years ago. Basically, the Arts festival is an annual event where artists open up their studios to the public. One fun studio we visited was run by Jane Walentas. She is restoring a carousel from 1922.

1922 Carousel in DUMBO

We saw “real” art as well. Some of it was pretty great, and some of it was mediocre. All of it was interesting in one way or another.

Saturday was misty and gray without being chilly. You couldn’t see the other side of Manhattan from my window. I walked into the park and chilled out at the waterfront. Fall is my favorite season, and this was a great example of a perfect Fall day.

Brooklyn Bridge through the mist

The birds were having a fine time on the rocky shores of the east river.

Some sort of seagull

Saturday night I went out with my friends Harri and Kristiina. We went to their local bar later in the evening. Harri just had his book The Dodo and Mauritius Island: Imaginary Encounters published. Kristiina has been doing a lot of work taking photos at weddings.

Harri Kallio and Kristiina Wilson

I decided to walk home after I left. I was going to get a cab, but even though it was after 1:30 am the streets were quite crowded. It was the night before Halloween; since it was also Saturday, everyone was out that night. I started at Broadway and Elizabeth. I got into Chinatown and started across the Manhattan Bridge. It scared me a bit, which made me even more determined to cross that way. Once you are one third of the way across the bridge, it is quite difficult to see either end. It is much more desolate than the Brooklyn Bridge. With the mist over the city, you could hardly see a thing. But the bridge was crossed without incident.

Manhattan Bridge at 1:30 AM

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