Oct 192004

On Sunday afternoon, I was on the subway heading towards Penn Station. At 14th Street (Union Square), a tall man in tight bright red short-shorts and a white t-shirt entered the car. He proceeded to stride towards the middle and opened up a newspaper in the largest possible manner. I thought this was very odd until I noticed that the back of his short-shorts had “Expose Bush!” printed in large block letters and his newspaper had a false front cover of “Kerry Wins!” Then I noticed that two people with video cameras had gotten on the car at the same time with another man with a large boombox. So I still thought it was odd, but at least I understood their motivation.

I looked around the rest of the car to see if other people had noticed the oddly dressed man, and then I realized that this was an organized protest. Four men and women dressed in tiny bright red short-shorts and white t-shirts had gotten on the car at once–one through each door. They all had the same newspaper and had all walked into the middle of the car and opened up their newspaper.

When I walked out of the subway at 34th Street (Herald Square), I was able to see that there were participants in several subway cars. It was an interesting event, and it is part of what makes it fun to live in New York City.

Later, thanks to the mighty power of Google, I was able to find out that the event was organized by Axis of Eve and Art Hijack. It was described as John Kerry Terpsichorean Ensemble: A Flash Dance Action Eve-nt.

Axis of Eve and Art Hijack protest

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