Oct 152004

This site now validates as XHTML 1.1. It is almost identical to the strict form of XHTML 1.0. As a general user, should you care? Probably not. As a techie, should you care? It remains to be seen. The default page for this site is served as text/html. You can see view this page as application/xhtml+xml if you are using a browser that supports application/xhtml+xml. I do not believe Internet Explorer has this support.

I’ve switched from using Mozilla as my primary mail reader and web browser to a combination of Thunderbird and Firefox. All three programs are from the same organization. Thunderbird and Firefox are their new standalone mail reader and standalone web browser. Both are not completely finished products, but they are fairly stable. Firefox is going to have it’s first general release shortly. It was worth switching to Firefox for its web developer toolbar alone. This tool is going to be very helpful for me at work. Thunderbird is worth using as a mail reader because it has a well-designed and implemented interface. The icons they designed are fantastic.

Finally, I will probably be moving this site from Verio to Dreamhost. Dreamhost had a deal last week for a year of hosting for $10. At Dreamhost’s regular rates, I still pay less per month than what I pay for Verio. And Verio’s pricing has not changed in ten years! If I were to create a new account at Verio, I would be paying four times more than my new account at Dreamhost! I don’t see any big differences in functionality between the two companies. If anything, I think Dreamhost may be a bit more responsive to small customers.

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