Sep 072004

Before I left Rome, I ate at Cul de Sac again. It didn’t fail to impress. I started out with cured tuna. It was served like carpaccio with a carved potato on top and drizzled with olive oil and some herbs. It was smoky and delicate; I ate it with a nice rose wine. My main course was two types of spicy cured meats, a chunk of Parmesan, and a piece of caramagna with oil and paprika. I had the spicy and strongly flavored food with a big red wine. I will definitely go back the next time I am in Rome.

I also went to a nice pizzeria in Rome near my hotel called “Luzzi.” You could tell that it was a favorite with locals. There was a 15-minute wait for a table even though there were many empty restaurants in the area. I had the pizza napoletana and an appetizer of melon and prosciutto. Pizza napoletana is with capers and anchovies. The melon was luscious and perfect; the prosciutto was tender and salty. The pizza was crispy and the capers and anchovies were the perfect foil for the rich, fresh tomato sauce. The tables were communal. I had a nice conversation with newlyweds on the honeymoon on my left and a travel agent couple on my right. One of the travel agents lives in Switzerland, and the other lives in Boston. They originally met in Rome.

I had good food and a lot of fun in Rome. I would definitely go back. If you need a place to stay, check out the Lancelot Hotel. The staff was very kind and friendly, and the location and price were great. It is located four blocks from the Colesium.

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