Aug 132004

Today is my last day in Athens for a few weeks. In around 40 minutes, I am going to get a cab to the airport, and then I’m off to Faisal’s wedding in Washington, DC.

The photo guys

I took this photo the other night. It was a four second exposure at a low iso with a flash. From left to right is Phil Fairbrother, Philip Jache, Geoff Michaud, Spencer Wise, Dimitris Karklidis, and myself. Phil, Phil, Geoff, and Spencer all work with me at Sports Illustrated and Dimitris is a volunteer. At the Olympics, they take in digital cards and use software I helped write to upload the images into our databases. Today, we uploaded 6,363 jpegs (14 GB). And that’s just for opening ceremonies and two minor soccer games.

Opening ceremonies were pretty nifty and very pretty, even though I did just see it on television. On the bright side, we didn’t have any annoying commentary. Well. At least any annoying commentary we weren’t making ourselves. :-)

I’m rambling on a bit. I got up before 10 am today; it is now 3:32 am. I programmed for over 10 contiguous hours, so I am pretty beat. I’m looking forward to sleeping on my flights.

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