Aug 172004

Many people have asked me what events I got to see in Athens. I left just after opening ceremonies. Before the ceremonies, there were only two soccer games and an archery session. (Two world records were broken at the archery session!) There were also a couple of dress rehearsals for the opening ceremonies, and I got to go to one of those. I loved it. I think some people are cynical about sporting events, but I still really enjoy going to most live events.

Here is my vantage point of the opening ceremonies of the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens:

A television in the main press center

:-) I’m not complaining; work went really well there and the technology is working out nicely. Part of me is really looking forward to going back on Thursday.

Our Athens offices are quite nice. We have a decent amount of space for everyone. An extra writer showed up at the last second, but we were still able to accommodate him. The office looks empty in the photo below, but keep in mind that it was taken at 11:00 PM Athens time on Friday as opening ceremonies were going on. Not only was it really crowded and busy before hand, but also it was really crowded and busy after.

Offices at the MPC

Offices at the MPC

Everyone say hi to Spencer! My desk was the one closest to the camera with the sign, “No pins at this desk.”

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