May 042011

When I left Time Inc. in 2007, I built a new computer from parts purchased at Over the years, the parts gradually broke: some of my memory was DOA, the video card went bad, the power supply died, and the back fan broke. Finally, a couple of month ago, the last of three hard drives decided to kick the bucket. (This was probably related to the back fan breaking.) I decided to buy a new computer; I’ve very happy I did. The new machine has some pretty great components:

This is a pretty great machine. It takes less than a minute to fire up a web browser from when I turn on the machine, and I haven’t had any real issue at all.

A friend of mine at Microsoft used his employee purchase plan to get me an affordable copy of Windows 7 and Office. I also purchased an upgrade to the latest and greatest full version of Photoshop. I’ve installed all sorts of developer tools, and I’m looking fun to playing around with new applications at home.

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