May 052011

I’ve completed my move from Blogger to WordPress.

The transition was fairly smooth; I probably should have made the changes a while ago. Here are some of the actions I took to migrate the blog:

  • Created a new domain,
  • Installed WordPress using Dreamhost’s one-click install.
  • Exported my posts from Blogger and saved it to my desktop.
  • Used the tool blogger2wordpress to convert my Blogger export file into a file that I could import into WordPress.
    • I used this tool rather than the regular migration strategy in WordPress because I wanted to remember the URLs and email addresses that users would have entered into my blog before. The built-in Blogger import in WordPress just created the users without any additional information.
  • Tweaked the export file so that categories were correctly imported.
  • Performed the import into WordPress.
  • Installed the Suffusion theme, because I think it looked good.
  • Linked the domain “” to My thought is that if I ever want to switch blogging platforms again, it will be easier if I have a single domain that faces the outside world.
  • Set up Google Analytics in Suffusion; also installed the Google Analytics Dashboard.
  • Configured archive and category pages on WordPress; also made the “permalinks” similar to the old site.
  • Set up redirects from my old site at to
  • Ran a script to vet the old links to make sure they were redirecting correctly.
    • It turned out that around 20% of the links did not work correctly. Blogger removed words like “a” and “the” from the title; WordPress keeps those words in. Blogger and WordPress also handled title collisions differently. I did a mass database update for most of the posts and then fixed a bunch of them by hand.
    • Some of the category pages also needed to be tweaked by hand to make sure that they were working.
  • Installed SSL on so that I could use my username and password without getting them stolen.
    • Purchased an IP address from Dreamhost
    • Purchased an SSL certificate from RapidSSL. (Which doesn’t seem to work on Firefox, but I only really care about Chrome.)
  • Installed plug-ins to add more functionality to WordPress

It was a fair amount of work, but it was a lot of fun. I’m still looking for the best way to selectively publish photos directly from my Eye-Fi.

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