Nov 182008

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to visit my friends Phil and Karen at their house by the river near the Bear Mountain Bridge. I had already missed the morning train to Manitou, where they live, so I decided to take the train to Garrison and hike back to their house. It’s only four miles, and I was able to make the hike in under 90 minutes.

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It was a beautiful day; the leaves have just started to fall off the trees, and the last of the fall foliage was visible. The hike was very relaxing, even if most of it was along Route 9D. It’s a bit difficult hiking along a highway because the road is sloped and there are no pedestrian trails.

Hike along Route 9D in Garrison Hike along Route 9D in Garrison

After around three miles along Route 9D, I headed down a twisty road towards the Outward Bound headquarters. The headquarters is a large 10 bedroom building on 18 acres; it’s for sale for $9MM. Taxes are around $51K per year.

You cross over a bridge over the MTA tracks to get to Mystery Point.
Bridge over train tracks on Mystery Point

After walking by the Outward Bound headquarters, I walked down Mystery Point Road towards my friends’ house.
View from Mystery Point Road View from Mystery Point Road View from Mystery Point RoadView from Mystery Point Road View from Mystery Point Road
Mystery Point Road

I hung out at Phil and Karen’s house for a few hours before catching the 5 pm train back to New York City.
Hudson River
Hudson River

I also took a stop-motion video of the hike down Mystery Point Road; unfortunately, it didn’t compress well.

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