Oct 042008

This afternoon, I saw an advertisement for Verizon Fios. My building is wired for Fios, but the last time I checked they were only offering high-speed internet service–not television. I saw the number on the screen, 1-888-818-FIOS, and decided to give them a call. (Once they offer television service I am definitely signing up.)

The phone was picked up by an electronic system, and asked if I was calling about my current phone number. Of course, they automatically detected my cell number and read it back. I said no, since I was going to call about Fios. They then asked me what number I was calling about, or if I wanted to speak with an operator. When I said, “Fios,” they said they had no one I could talk to right now, and the automatic system hung up.

This is what I don’t get: why would a major corporation pay for a national advertising campaign on television, and then not have their call centers staffed when the advertising campaign was running? It seems like a waste of money to me.

It’s a double-whammy for them. I really want this service, and even if it weren’t offered in my building right now, I would be willing to sign up for the service ahead of time. The more I try and get shot down for trying to give them money, the less inclined I am to sign up for Fios.

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