Oct 162008

Dogmatic store front
This past Monday, Dogmatic, street vendor turned fast food restaurant, opened on 17th Street in the former Mandler’s space off of Union Square. Mandler’s was a fast food store that served high end sausages, fries, and beers. Unfortunately, their food did not match their aspirations, the store always looked dirty, and the prices were a bit too high. Dogmatic is a new sausage store billing themselves as the “Gourmet Sausage System.” And they don’t disappoint.

The sausages at Dogmatic are served with a variety of sauces, but their bread steals the show. Rather than a standard hot dog bun, or even a fancy Chicago-style poppy-seed roll, Dogmatic uses French bread-style loaves. Each loaf is cut in half and shoved on a spike. The spike has two functions: it warms the bread and makes a nice receptacle for the sausage and sauce. I’ve tried a couple of sausage so far; my favorite combination is the beef sausage with the truffle-Gruyere sauce. (Don’t spill the sauce on your shirt–it is embarrassing, especially when your coworkers don’t tell you that you’ve spilled and you walk around all day with a splotch of Gruyere on your shirt like a nimrod.)

Dogmatic costs more than your typical dirty water dog stand–a sausage costs around $4.50. However, compared with nearby Chop’t (salad for $12), or other restaurants (sushi for $15), Dogmatic is a bargain. And I think the bread alone is worth the cost. Also, vegetarians (and those of us who have had their fill of sausage) have a very nice option: Dogmatic prepares grilled asparagus as a sausage substitute.

If you are in the neighborhood and want a quick bite to eat, Dogmatic is worth visiting.
Dogmatic store front
(Dogmatic sausage with horseradish mustard sauce: if you love strong mustard and horseradish, you will love this sauce. For everyone else, it might be a bit too strong.)

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