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Shanghai is a modern, cosmopolitan city with fantastic architecture that blends the old and the new. Like Paris and La Défense, Shanghai decided to build a major commercial area just outside of the old downtown across the Huangpu River in what used to be swampland. This area is call Pudong.

Along the west bank of the Hangpu River is The Bund, a large road and pedestrian plaza. There are great views of Pudong. It’s particularly pretty at night.
The Bund
The Bund

Sharon and Mark’s apartment has a great view of downtown Shanghai.
Downtown Shanghai

Tourist information center. I wonder who sponsors them?
Shanghai Tourist information center

In Shanghai, there are traffic signs that tell you exactly how many parking spaces are available in a given location. It’s a neat idea.
Shanghai parking sign

Nanjing Road contains many shops and a large plaza. Seeing that I was not Chinese, people ran up to me every minute or so to try to sell me bags, watches, or watch bags. (I don’t know what a watch bag is.)
Nanjing Road

The shops outside of Yuyuan Gardens were probably more geared towards the tourist crowds, but they were fun to shop in. I’ve never seen anyplace like it.
Shops in Yuyuan Gardens

Sharon and Mark live in a neighborhood called the French Concession. This area was created as a neighborhood administered by the French government for the use of French citizens. Of course, this neighborhood is now part of China. However, there are still many French shops in this area, from wine bars to bakeries. This part of the city managed to blend both European and Chinese architecture.
French Concession

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  1. Be careful you don’t get kidnapped and forced to work on a boat.

  2. we have that type of sign in finland also, the sign for where to park. very handy!

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