Dec 202006

I wrote about my Sudoku solver to an acquaintance of mine. He responded, “umm, I don’t understand perl!!!”

For fun, here is a Visual Basic .NET version of the Sudoku solver. It’s probably not idiomatic as it is a straight port of the Perl version. On the flip side, it does allow me to distribute a binary version of the Sudoku solver. (.NET runtime required.) It’s not a great user interface, but it seems to work in a good enough manner for now.

I also uploaded two puzzle files for folks too lazy to type them in. The first puzzle requires a guess. The second puzzle requires many guesses (it is all blank).


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  One Response to “Sudoku solver revisited”

  1. A grid of 81 blank squares in not a Sudoku, and really can’t be “solved” as such. I think in this case your program becomes a generator of sudoku puzzles that are so trivial you don’t have to fill in a single number.

    In any event, Kakuro is far superior to Sudoku. I predict newspapers will stop publishing Sudoku and switch to Kakuro by the end of the year.

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