Sep 092006

It looks like The New York Times gives you different content based on your location. Unfortunately, it looks like they have some bugs in the system. From my local desktop in London:

404 Not Found


From my account on a machine in California:
200 OK


Basically, this means that my web browser sees nothing here in London while it looks like everything is okay in the United States. If it weren’t Saturday, I might actually try to call someone at The New York Times.

After more testing, I found out something even better: and return different pages!

[Further update: the behavior of the site is changing as I type this post–I suspect the good people at The New York Times are making changes as we speak. Too bad that 8 AM EST is the middle of the day in London.]

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  1. didn’t you hear about the nyt self-censorship of an article on the recent terrorism investigations?


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