Aug 282006

I am taking care of my friend Kristen’s bird, Satan.
Kristen's cockatiel, Satan

Stop moving around, Satan!
Kristen's cockatiel, Satan

I can whistle, too!
Kristen's cockatiel, Satan

Satan is very happy with me.
Kristen's cockatiel, Satan

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  5 Responses to “Feeding Satan”

  1. Satan huh? that’s an odd name. Cute bird though. I will never write anything without leaving clews so you know it’s me. Like: No I do not want mexican… I’m actually a bit insulted that you thought I would say silly things, i can be immature but not that immature. you are my friend and you should know me better than that!

  2. You are so sensitive. :-)

  3. I am a bit sensitive yes, but that’s because I sorta care…awwww that was nice!

  4. I know all about cockatiels. email me: harryhwilson(at)

  5. Walter says that “Satan” is a much more appropriate name for a cockatiel than “Hoover.” I see nothing wrong with naming a bird like that after a vacuum cleaner.

    I remember reading a book as a child where one of the horses was called “Satan.” I had never heard the word out loud, so I thought that the horse’s name was actually “Satin.” Big difference.

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