Jul 312006

Tony Bourdain, the author of Kitchen Confidential, writes up his experience in Beirut on Salon. On LiveJournal a woman named Cedarseed describes life in Beirut right now. Both Bourdain’s piece and Cedardseed’s journal are worth reading.

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  2 Responses to “News from Beirut”

  1. ok so i have a few comments this time: 1. Awesome pictures. is that glass or wax? beautiful…

    2.what’s up with the 42nd street train station pic, like we need a reminder of how sucky the MTA system is, or how hot the station can be.

    3. you looked like you ran a marathon instead of walking 6 blocks. : )

  2. 1. Glass. Check out Chihuly’s website for more information.

    2. I like the shot of the subway.

    3. It is very hot today. There is an excessive heat warning from the National Weather Service.

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