Jul 142006

Answers to recent comments and questions people have asked me recently:

  • It’s true, I haven’t posted recently
  • Work is very interesting right now. In the apocryphal Chinese proverb sense.
  • Seattle was wonderful. I got to see many friends and the weather was great. It got up to the 90s with no humidity during the day and down to the 60s at night. Why do I live in the east coast? (Of course, it is really Seattle’s rainy season.
  • The low point of visiting Seattle was getting a call from Andrew the day before I left at 2 am from SeaTac Airport asking where I was. Turns out that he, Jen, and Samuel left Seattle the day before I was arriving. We were not traveling the same day. Oops.
  • High points of visiting Seattle included:
    • seeing friends (Tina, Chad, Peter, Steph, Alex, Christine, Dan, Audryn, Mike, Scott, Jill, Jen)
    • visiting Bricco
    • dinner at Chihuly’s Boathouse Studio
    • working out and swimming at the Westin hotel in Bellevue
    • attending the Microsoft ProPhoto conference
    • meeting many interesting and talented people involved with photography
  • I have taken many photos that I need to post on the web site.
  • I have not seen the new Superman movie yet. I want to, but I hate seeing movies when it is nice out. And I want to see Clerks 2 and My Super Ex-Girlfriend. And I still need to see the Al Gore movie, which I didn’t necessarily want to see but Kristen successfully argued that I needed to see before she would discuss it with me.
  • I went kayaking at Phil’s house last week. I only capsized twice and with Phil’s help was able to get back in the kayak. I got a really interesting suntan because of the life preserver (or PFD)

I apologize for the lack of posts. Incidentally, drop me a note if you would like automatic email when I post something new. I can set up a mailing list or somesuch. Expect posts with pretty photos in the near future, where near is poorly defined.

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  1. I would like to know how work is very interesting in an apocryphal Chinese proverb sense???? I mean aside from the summery colorful shirts that remind us of ice cream and that we have mexican every other day and tell our “CO-WORKERS” all about it…what else goes on at work????

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