Apr 272006

Frank Bruni seems to have realized that a blog post allows him the freedom to write a review of a mediocre restaurant. Negative reviews are sometimes more fun to read than positive reviews.

Recently, Doonesbury has been brilliant and should not be missed. I recommend reading the strip from two weeks ago, when the current story line started. This series of strips is a continuation of the story arc collected in the book, The Long Road Home. Another book will collect the strips since this collection.

Gene Spafford wrote a critique of obsolete best practices using rotating passwords as an example. It’s fairly interesting.

The New Yorker has had some phenomenal writing recently. This week alone, there was a fascinating piece by Bill Buford on learning how to butcher and a shockingly intense story by Daniel Raeburn on his stillborn daughter. I can’t recall a recent issue of The New Yorker that has not impressed me.

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