Jan 282006

I’m assuming that the New York Times will fix this problem quickly, but it was amusing to read the following paragraph in the middle of an article on stifling discussion on climate change:

Normally, Ms. McCarthy would not be free to describe such conversations to the news media, but she agreed to an interview after Mr. Acosta, at NASA headquarters, told The Times that she would not face any retribution for doing soI said I’d indicate this to help inoculate her against later tsuris. – andy.

The article was written by Andrew Revkin; the last sentence is almost certainly supposed to be a non-printing editorial note from the author to the editor. The error is especially interesting to me as part of my job at Sports Illustrated and Time Inc. is to make sure that technical problems are never the cause of such a mistake. Good use of the word “tsuris,” though.

[Update: A new version has been posted without the editorial note less than 30 minutes after I sent the New York Times a note regarding this error.]

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