Jun 042005

Recently, a couple of friends have pointed out that I seem stupider than normal. After some careful thought, I’m inclined to agree with them. Not only have I acted a bit stranger than normal, but also I have been more inclined to snap at coworkers. Consider some of the items I have written recently: “I feel both naked and free;” “One of my coworkers with us ended up having a child while we were all on the plane.” The first sentence is a bit banal, and the second sentence is unclear.

I think it has to do with the amount of travel I have been doing recently. I arrived in Toronto at around midnight, went straight to bed, visited a vendor the next day, and left for New York City directly from the vendor. It was a fairly fast turn around, and it is mentally exhausting. I have a deeper appreciation for my friend Sharon, who used to commute across the country every week for Accenture. After getting a job with Adidas she travelled once a month overseas.

My apartment is still not fully unpacked, but I can really see the boxes whittling away. Every weekend, around three or four boxes get fully unpacked and sliced apart. I think that having my apartment unpacked will make travelling a bit easier. I have also started to buy more groceries, and this makes my aparment a lot more livable. The contracting work is just about complete. I have one more inspection to go before everything wraps up. That will also be nice to have completed, even though my bank account won’t be too full.

I’m actually not annoyed about my travel. I am working on a really interesting, important, and fun project, and the people I am working on are some of the smartest technical people at Time Inc. I would definitely take this project on again in a heartbeat.

Regardless, I apologize, dear readers, for the stupid posts recently. I’ll attempt to make them a bit more interesting as I move forward. Any advice on how to avoid mental fatigue due to travel would be greatly appreciated.

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