May 142005

My apartment is virtually complete. There are a couple of small items on the punch list. The plumbing work was completed a couple of days ago, and I have an inspection next week. All of my furniture is moved in, except for a sofa that was lost by the moving company. I am around 50% unpacked.

I am evaluating some software for work. Part of this evaluation involves travelling to every vendors’ facilities. I am typing this message in the Delta lounge in Newark. In an hour, I will leave for Milan. After Milan, I will be in Hamburg and then Amsterdam before returning on Friday for the marriage of Harlan and Kathleen. (Today I was at the wedding of Kirsten and Barnabas. I had to leave early to make my flight out.

In the coming weeks, I will also be traveling to Provo, Boston, Toronto, and Denver. It’s a lot of travel in a short period of time. Ironically, all of this travel came up after my apartment was completed. This is ironic because when I was renovating, I barely did any travel for work.

Of course, not that I will really write about dating in detail, but the dating life has been interesting for the past couple of weeks. In the apocryphal Chinese curse sense.

Finally, I haven’t been getting a ton of sleep. One feature of my new apartment is that it gets a lot of light. This is great in that I wake up early. Unfortunately, I have still been staying up late.

I’m a bit worn out. Life at home and at work have both been very busy. I have been taking a lot out on friends; fortunately they put up with me being a bit stressed out. (I hope you all know who you are.)

So to sum up:

  • Nearly completed apartment
  • Missing sofa
  • Lots of work
  • Lots of travel
  • Not a lot of sleep

Yee ha!

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