Apr 232005

I think I can officially say that my S400 has bit the bullet. It has been failing for a while now. Every other time I went to use the camera, it would display “Memory Card Error.” Now, all I get is E51 or “Memory Card Error.” It isn’t a memory card problem. I have tried a couple of different cards; all have the same result. The camera is out of warranty, and I have a couple of options. I can send the camera to Canon to have it repaired. They will evaluate the problem at no cost; the repair cost is generally $150 or $300. I can trade in my current camera for a factory refurbished S410 for $175. Or I can buy a new camera. A new S410 is around $350. A S500 is $400. And a SD500, the camera I have been lusting after, is $450-$500.

Before making a decision, I will send my current camera into Canon to see how much it will cost to fix. I am not happy that my camera is not working. My friends Sharon and Mark got married today, and I wasn’t able to take photos. Of course, many other people had cameras, but it isn’t the same.

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