Mar 112005

Faisal wrote about what he would want from a computer desk. I concur. I also think it should also look good.

I think one of the problems with desk design has to do with the computers themselves. One of Faisal’s requirements for his desk is that “things you use on a regular basis (e.g. CD drive) should be readily accessible.” Unfortunately, on my Dell machine, the DVD-ROM drive is behind a door. The door looks really cool, but you have to have it open for the disk to pop out. This is unfortunate, as the drive gets unhappy when the door is closed and the drive opens. To make matters worse, the Dell is ugly with the door open. What I want is something that looks like the Mac mini, but with the power of my dual Xeon processor Dell. Of course, two monitors is a must. Three is even better. And if you think that is gratuitous, you have never programmed with more than one monitors.

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