Oct 282004

I am in the process of switching Internet providers. I hope to kill my old account within the next couple of weeks. I was with my old hosting company since 1995, when I just graduated from CMU. That company, Best Communications, was purchased by Verio a few years later. Shortly after that purchase, Verio was bought by NTT DoCoMo for around $5.5 billion dollars (see this Forbes article). The service hasn’t been horrible, but it has stagnated over the years. While the price remained fairly constant, other providers managed to provide the same service for less money.

I have switched to DreamHost. There was a really good deal for a year of service, but their regular prices are pretty good as well. In fact, I will probably upgrade my level of service next year. I have been really happy with their services so far. The servers seem to be a bit snappier, and I like their attitude more than that of Verio.

This post is only posted on my site at DreamHost; the fact that you are reading this post means that my move is going well. People who are viewing my site at Verio will not see this post.

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