Oct 092004

I now have high speed internet access from Time Warner Cable in my house. I purchased my own cable modem/wireless gateway/switch/firewall from J&R; a couple of weeks ago. I was a bit concerned that TWC wouldn’t add my cable modem to their systems. However, less than two hours after the installation guy came by, my setup started to work perfectly. It’s interesting that they insisted on sending a technician. The technician was in and out in under 15 minutes; all he did was a line check and activation.

The Linksys device I bought was the Wireless-G Cable Gateway. By law, you should be able to use this device with any cable provider that provides internet access. However, cable companies really don’t want you to use your own equipment. When I was ordering the service, I was asked many, many times if I was sure I wanted to use my own cable modem. On the bright side, when my access goes down for some reason, I can go into my box and see exactly what is causing the problem.

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