Sep 152004

Ponte Sisto

Rome has many nice bridges over the Fiume Tevere. This is a photo of Ponte Sisto at night, a bridge between the trendy section of Campo de’ Fiori and the neighborhood of Travestere.

Lancelot Hotel

As I mentioned earlier, I stayed in the Lancelot Hotel, a small hotel near the Colesium. It was very nice, and the people were very friendly. They offer both breakfast and dinner, but I went around the city instead. I would definitely stay there again.

Coliseum in Rome

Coliseum in Rome

The Coliseum is impressive. I have visited quite a few stadiums working at Sports Illustrated, and it is quite clear that the Romans knew what they were doing when they designed the stadium. We certainly do not build stadiums to last thousands of years, but on the other hand, our stadiums have features like electricity.

I have more photos to post, but I’m leaving the office for the evening.

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