Sep 122004

In around ten minutes, I will be on a plane back to the USA. I did find a place to edit, upload, resize, and crop my photos in Florence, but I didn’t have the time to create log postings to show them. Expect lots of photos in the next couple of days.

Milan and Siena were probably my favorite two cities. I think I would have enjoyed Rome even more if I hadn’t been really tired. Florence was nice, but it has far too many tourists.

I had a couple of pleasant dining experiences in Milan. I had a couple of nice dining experiences in Florence. I also had a very disappointing meal in Florence at a restaurant called Rossini. Not only was it the most expensive meal I had in all of Italy, but also it was one of my most disappointing meals of all time. I will be sure to write up the experience. I also going to send them a letter which I will post here.

I had a great time in Italy, but I’m looking forward to returning home.

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