Aug 172004

Faisal and Aleecia’s wedding was very nice. They got married at the National Museum of Women in the Arts. It was a really nice space with two floors. The ceremony was on the ground floor, and then the reception started upstairs as the gound floor was reconfigured for dining. It was a pleasant service with a lot of people.

The two of them did something really nice and totally unexpected for me. After everyone was seated for dinner, they gave a brief speech where they welcomed everyone to the ceremony. Aleecia then said they had to single out one person who came the farthest to get to the wedding from New York City. Then, she asked that I stand, and they thanked me! At their wedding! It was very touching and greatly appreciated.

Folks at the wedding included: Faisal and Aleecia, Dan, Chad and Tina, Cheryl, my brother Larry, John, Tommy, Chris and Sandra, Dmitri, Ethan, Fleur, May, Kiera, Andy and Lisa and like a billion other people I know. You may like to know their last names. Too bad for you. I also ran into or met many other people. Given that I had no sleep and a bit to drink, I have forgotten many names. [I am going to try to milk that excuse for as long as I can.]

After the wedding, I went out to a bar with some folks.

Folks at a bar

I like John’s expression in this photo. Remember it before Fleur sees the photo and makes me take it down. Andy and Lisa are the cute couple in the background.

Folks at a bar

From left to right: Larry, Kiera, Tommy, May, and unknown cigarette hand. Note that Tommy has already taken his shirt off.

I took a bunch of other photos, but most of them are kind of junky. With editing, everyone thinks I am a better photographer than I really am.

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