Aug 222004

I had tried to design this page without using any tables. It turns out that this was a fool’s errand. I was unable to find a way to make multiple DIVs degrade gracefully. Without the geek-speak, this means when you shrunk your window horizontally, the text on my sidebar would display over the images. This leads to a poor user experience. I have replaced the middle DIVs with a TABLE tag. In most browsers, this should render just as fast, and in older browsers, this should look a bit better. People who feel that the TABLE tag should only be used for tabular data may not be happy, but what can you do? I still validate as XHTML 1.0 Transitional, and my CSS is still clean, so I don’t really care.

If you didn’t understand anything I wrote in the previous paragraph, don’t despair. Just know that this page will look nice when I post large images.

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