Feb 102008

The view from my apartment can be stunning. Even though I have lived here for almost two years, the sudden changes in the weather sometimes amaze me. These photos were taken in a span of under 15 minutes. Even though the snow storm appeared to verge on a blizzard, none of the snow stuck to the ground. There were no signs of the snow storm other than a damp ground less than five minutes after the storm ended.

The Manhattan Bridge:
Manhattan Bridge
Manhattan Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge:
Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge

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Feb 052008

Several blogs have noted that Tom Dowdy passed away this past weekend. Tom was a software engineer at Apple; he worked on products like QuickTime and iTunes. In his spare time, he wrote Darkside of the Macintosh. It was a very well-written and free screen saver for Macs prior to OS X. Tom took a 12-week course at the Culinary Institute of America in 1998; his journal, Life at the Other CIA, is still a lot of fun to read.

I’ve referred to Tom’s Butter Pig blog before. I always enjoyed reading him, and I’m sad that we never got to meet.

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