May 212008

For his 30th birthday, I arranged to take my brother Larry to the New York Aquarium for a behind-the-scenes look at their new hospital. Previously, for many procedures the animals would have to be brought to the Bronx Zoo. Now, animals can be treated directly at the aquarium. We both had a great time.

New York Aquarium isolation tank with sea otter
This sea otter had a fur condition. They brought him inside during the winter to allow his coat to heal. The trainer works with him several times per day so that he does not become isolated and lonely.

New York Aquarium fur seal
New York Aquarium fur seal
New York Aquarium fur seal
New York Aquarium fur seal
This fur seal is currently isolated in a tank with a screen over the room. She has a penchant for eating everything that floats into her tank–including plastic bags. Unfortunately, they may have to send her to another aquarium since they do not have the ability to cover the regular tank.

New York Aquarium Ayveq the Walrus
This is Ayveq the Walrus. He can weigh over 3000 pounds!

Larry Greenfield
This is Larry my brother. He does not weigh 3000 pounds!

This video does not really do Ayveq justice. He is truly an amazing creature.

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