May 012014

My wonderful wife, Patti Jackson, is opening a restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn tomorrow.

Delaware and Hudson features food from the Mid-Atlantic states. It’s a small, 38-seat restaurant. Patti will start by serving dinner and brunch. I encourage you all to check it out! You can also like Delaware and Hudson on Facebook or check Delaware and Hudson out on Yelp!

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May 042011

Popular Science had an interesting blog post on how the change in manufacturing of Pyrex made crack production more difficult:

When World Kitchen took over the Pyrex brand, it started making more products out of prestressed soda-lime glass instead of borosilicate. With pre-stressed, or tempered, glass, the surface is under compression from forces inside the glass. It is stronger than borosilicate glass, but when it’s heated, it still expands as much as ordinary glass does. It doesn’t shatter immediately, because the expansion first acts only to release some of the built-in stress. But only up to a point.

It’s an interesting story, and the video is pretty great.

[Story via Schneier on Security.]

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Oct 082009

I’m a huge fan of Richard Feynman; as a kid, his auto-biographies were inspirational. If you haven’t read them, I recommend picking them up: Surely You’re Joking, Mr. Feynman! and What Do You Care What Other People Think?. If you haven’t heard of Richard Feynman before, you can read a nice vignette about him by W. Daniel Hillis titled Richard Feynman and The Connection Machine.

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Oct 072009

Earlier this summer I went up to Rhode Island for a weekend.

My friend Patti drove us up to Charlestown, Rhode Island. She was coming from Pennsylvania, and we met for lunch in Beacon, NY at a restaurant called Homespun Foods. We ate a few sandwiches and picked up some food for later.

There had been a couple of large storms a few days earlier, and the normally calm shores had waves of well over six feet.
Sea Rhode Island

The shorebirds and gulls didn’t seem to mind. Whenever a large swell hit the tidal pools they dashed away.

The snails also seemed very happy.

Seaweed makes a great wig.


Charlestown has a large briny bay with fish and cormorants.
Cormorant Island
Salt Lake

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