May 012014

My wonderful wife, Patti Jackson, is opening a restaurant in Williamsburg, Brooklyn tomorrow.

Delaware and Hudson features food from the Mid-Atlantic states. It’s a small, 38-seat restaurant. Patti will start by serving dinner and brunch. I encourage you all to check it out! You can also like Delaware and Hudson on Facebook or check Delaware and Hudson out on Yelp!

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Aug 252013

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are moving out of DUMBO to north of New York City. They recently sold some major properties. Since we’ve lived just up the street from them, I’ve been able to look out the window at the slogans on the side of their building: “READ GOD’S WORD THE HOLY BIBLE DAILY.” It looks like they’ve decided to paint over one of their slogans.

From today:



From a few month’s ago (the writing is on the middle of the building):



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