Nov 022008

My friend Emily ran the New York City Marathon today. As far as I know, she is my first friend to run a marathon. It was my first time watching any marathon in person; I went up to Sarah and Jeremy’s new apartment in Park Slope to watch her go by. It was a ton of fun, and something I want to repeat next year.

Emily wrote about her training for the marathon and also raised over $1,400 dollars to fight cancer. This was her first marathon, and she completed it in under five hours. She looked great when she passed Jeremy, Sarah, and I at 4th Avenue and 1st Street–not only was she right on pace, but she looked fantastic. She called out to us as she ran by. (Jeremy made a large cardboard “Emily” sign that Sarah was holding.)

Congratulations Emily!
Emily runs the marathon

I also took some poorly composed video of the marathon before Emily came by.

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