Sep 112008

Every year on the week before September 11, New York City has a memorial in the form of the Tribute in Light. Two beams shoot through the sky reminiscent of the World Trade Center. If nothing else, it allows you to appreciate how significant the World Trade Center was to New York City.

Tribute in Light
University Place and 8th Street

Tribute in Light
5th Avenue and 8th Street towards Washington Square Park

Tribute in Light
Great Jones Street and Bowery

Tribute in Light
Carroll Gardens

Tribute in Light
Brooklyn Heights panorama (image linked to a larger version)

Blue sky
The sky is beautiful today

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  2 Responses to “September 11”

  1. These are very nice pics Sam. Thank you for sharing!

  2. I didn’t realize they do this annually – when I saw it the first time I thought it was amazing. Actually thought perhaps it’d be a better memorial than anything else they could possibly do.

    -Scott Berkun

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