Dec 022007

In the past week, I noticed that the auto-focus on the camera was acting a bit chunkier and some of the images were a little soft. Sunday morning, I was out with Sharon taking photos of hairy crab before I left. I took my photos and then put the camera in my pocket. A few minutes later, I saw folks practicing tai chi. I grabbed my camera from my pocket, and the lens started to come out of the camera and then stopped. It now makes an interesting grinding noise whenever I try to use the camera. And the lens is stuck out.

The camera cost over $300 or $400 when I purchased it. Now, just a little over two years later, it’s no longer available. A much better camera is $260. It would cost around $120 to repair my camera and I wouldn’t have it for three weeks. I’m thinking of trying to repair it myself.

Anyone have any recommendations on a new camera? The Canon SD850 IS is $260 at Circuit City.

(In other news, I seem to be having a bad technology day. My receiver is now producing an odd hum on my speakers, even if all of the sound sources are unplugged. I may need to buy a new receiver. And my desktop machine had a failed hard drive–I think the power supply may be underpowered.)

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