Jun 242007

Monday, June 11, was my final day at Time Inc. I started working at Sports Illustrated, a division of Time Inc., over 11 years ago.

Last Thursday, June 21, was my first day at BitShelter. It’s first product is PhotoShelter. PhotoShelter is an archival system for photographers; in a way, it’s a “business in a box.” It’s a great tool for photographers, and I think it really fills an important need.

It’s an exciting company and a big change from Time Inc. For example, Time Inc. has around 10,000 employees; BitShelter has less than 15. Time Inc.’s headquarters is in a building named the “Time and Life Building;” BitShelter has a small office off of Broadway. Time Inc. was founded in 1954; BitShelter was founded two years ago.

I left Time Inc. with a lot of fond memories. Not only did I get to visit any number of sporting events, but also I got to travel all around the world. I even got to attend three Olympics. Most importantly, I forged friendships I will keep with me for the rest of my life.

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