Oct 042006

I saw an interesting Google advertisements on my site for www.milkismilk.com. I shouldn’t have been surprised to see it; the way Google advertisements work is that they key off of words on your site. This advertisement is for a site that is fairly transparently against organic milk and for industrial farming. You can read some of their distortions on the page titled All Milk is Produced the Same Way. It provides helpful statements like, “All Milk is Produced the Same Way – By Cows.”

I see this as an inherent flaw with Google advertising. I may not want advertisements like this on my website. I fully support the right of the Milk is Milk people to publish their stupidity. I just don’t want to publish their inane ads on my site. Unfortunately, if I choose to have Google advertising on my website at all, I give up the right to restrict what appears on my site.

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