Oct 042006

I use Firefox as my web browser. It’s a pretty good web browser, and it works the same on Mac OS X and Windows. It’s pretty zippy. One feature of Firefox is the ability to add additional functionality through extensions. One main feature of extensions is that they can make your browsing experience slower. I guess that’s not a good feature, but there you go. Here are the extensions I use (extensions of special interest to geeks are noted with the phrase, “geeky”):

  • Forecastfox: shows you the current and predicted weather in your toolbar.
  • Html Validator: validates the source code of a web page (geeky)
  • Google Suggest: suggests search terms as you type in the Google search bar
  • View Source Chart: renders a the source a web page in color (geeky)
  • ColorZilla: implements an eyedropper color tool for web pages (geeky)
  • Web Developer: very useful set of tools for developing web pages (geeky)
  • Greasemonkey: allows arbitrary scripts to run on web pages (geeky)
  • del.icio.us: adds a full interface to the del.icio.us web site
  • FoxyTunes: control a media player from the browser
  • Image Zoom: allows zooming in on images
  • SessionSaver: remembers your last visited web pages when you quit
  • FireFTP: better FTP client
  • Download Statusbar: a better alternative to the file download window
  • User Agent Switcher: allows you to masquerade as a different web browser (geeky)
  • IE Tab: allows the use of IE embedded into FireFox (geeky, and more useful than you might think)

You could say that this entire post is geeky. And that would be okay by me.

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