Aug 232007

My job is going well. This week, I finished my second month of employment. Yesterday was my first release, a new version of our Apple Aperture plug-in. There are no major changes in the plug-in; the release mainly comprised of fixes for Aperture 1.5.4.

PhotoShelter is hosting town hall meetings on photography and business called, Photography 2.0. The tour hits six cities and has good speakers. Not to mention a reception at the end of the day. I recommend checking it out.

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Aug 222007

There was a very cool talk from SIGGRAPH on a novel method for resizing images by removing parts of the image with the least energy by Dr. Shai Avidan and Dr. Ariel Shamir.

The paper can be found on Dr. Ariel Shamir’s homepage, but the site is very slow right now. Check out the embedded video below.

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Aug 062007

I enjoy late night sitcom repeats. My current favorite is Scrubs, showing at 11:30 and midnight on channel 5 (the local Fox affiliate). It’s a realistic view of life in a hospital in the framework of a sitcom. My friend Harlan really enjoys it, if for no other reason than one of the lines in the 2004 season by Doctor Cox in a “pep” talk to the interns, “Each and every one of you is going to kill a patient.” (Harlan is a neurosurgeon and one of the smartest and most capable people I know. He also has a wry sense of humor.)

One of tonights’ episodes, My Choosiest Choice of All, is one of my favorites due to the appearance of the Polyphonic Spree, an orchestral rock bank. They play their song, Light and Day, at the end of the episode.

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Aug 012007

A comment I wrote on the City Room blog of the NY Times was put on the blog’s front page.

I was writing in response to the mayor’s spokesman, Stu Loeser, who said, “Nobody likes taking the subway. If you like taking the subway you should see a psychiatrist, get your head examined, go to see a shrink.”

My comment was paraphrased on the blog’s front page to: “With all due respect to the mayor’s chief spokesman, I enjoy taking the subway… I haven’t driven since 1991; I don’t think that makes me crazy.”

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