Feb 142007

Google Maps now displays buildings and subways in the map view! This is really cool. You can actually see an outline of my building if you search for 175 Adams Street; 11201. As you can see, I am very close to the “A” train. Unfortunately, what the map doesn’t show you is that the subway extends for two blocks in either direction; an entrance to the subway is right on my street, and you don’t have to cross the street to enter.

My brother works with Google Maps, so buy him a beer next time you see him.

Thanks to the DreamHost Blog for noticing this!

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Feb 022007

Here are a couple of sites I have found interesting recently:
Two write-ups regarding the effective resolution of a digital camera: Diffraction and Photography and Why Is My 50mm Lens Equivalent to 80mm on a 35mm Camera. A site on digital photography standards. A book about asset management. A proposal by Lawrence Lessig on Orphaned Copyright Works.

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