Oct 072005

One of the really great things about weddings is that I get to see a lot of friends who live around the country.
I haven’t seen Les and Michelle since they got married last year. They are moving to Cincinnati from Oakland; I might be able to see them more.
Michelle and Les
I get to see Faisal all the time. The weird thing is that photos of him always have that funky background. Apparently, a couple of weeks before this photo was taken, his hair was blue. Faisal and Aleecia traded off weddings; I got to see her the previous weekend at Dan and Audryn’s wedding.

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Oct 062005

In Seattle, I stayed with Jen, Andrew, and Samuel. I met Andrew at CMU; Jen is his wife; and Samuel is my godson. Below are some photos of Samuel, Andrew, and myself.

Samuel likes to make funny faces. Of course, so do Andrew and I.

Sam and Samuel
Hanging out on the porch.
Funny face
Sometimes, Samuel doesn’t want his picture taken.
Andrew and Samuel
Unfortunately, that’s actually the expression on Andrew’s face all the time.
Me and Samuel
Tell me the truth, ladies: there is nothing sexier than a guy who just woke up in dorky pajamas, right?
Me and Samuel
Seriously, who could resist a man who could make a face like that?
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Oct 062005

Tom and Bethany got married in the Topiary Garden in Columbus, Ohio.

The garden is very pretty, and the weather was a little hot, but beautiful. The main feature of the topiary garden is a rendition of Seurat’s “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. I spoke to one couple at the wedding who saw when the bushes were first planted around ten years ago. It will be quite interesting when the project is completed.
Topiary Garden in Columbus, OH
Check out the above link to compare the painting with the topiary.

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