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This is the oddest story I have read in a while. MSNBC reports Wendy’s banishes ‘Biggie’ size. However, when you read the article, you find that Wendy’s isn’t really getting rid of the size, they are just going to rename “Biggie” to “Medium.” “Great Biggie” will become “Large” and the size formerly known as “Medium” will become “Small.” On the Wendy’s web site, I can see that there is also a size known as “Value,” which has fewer calories than “Small.”

I remember when Wendy’s introduced the “Biggie;” it was a nice way of saying extra-large. Basically, in less than 15 years, extra-large has become “Medium.” This doesn’t seem like a good trend.

[Thanks to the Accidental Hedonist for the link.]

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  1. Hi Sam,

    They have been doing this sort of thing for years with women’s clothing. Places like Anne Taylor, have a sizing system that is 1 size lower than what your size would normally be at other stores. So it makes women feel like they are smaller than they are, and they can tell people they are a size 2 when they are really a size 4…I think it is actually a pain in the ass, since now I have to remember which size I am depending on the store.

    Your right about it not being a good trend…it is pretty sad. I am surprised they don’t come up with new coporate measurements for oil, it might actually fool people into thinking they are paying less or more for oil, depending on the agenda.

    I like your blog.


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